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Life 97 Days After My Whole30

Monday, May 9, 2016. Whole30 plus 97 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings…

4:15 AM.  Alarm.  Awake.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  Ground beef hash with white and yellow sweet potatoes mixed in; a cup of veggie mix: summer squash and zucchini, red and green peppers, and mushrooms, all scrambled together with one cup of egg whites.  I also had a half teaspoon of local bee pollen.

Bfast 5_9_16

Fully Compliant

I made a big travel mug of green tea this morning.  I have 3 stops to make before I get to my office.  Hopefully that will last.

Whole30 / Clean Eating observation:  It is absolutely amazing to me how just 1 day of going rogue (yesterday) can make you feel like crap the next day.  Seriously.  I’ve learned over the past few months how sugar bad carbs bad fat etc. affect me.  This morning I wake up and I’m moving kind of slow, muscles hurt a little and the joints are a little achy, and I totally space out during sports center and the news.  Three hours after breakfast I am totally starving to death and drinking 16 oz of water did not help curb my appetite.  I tore through my carrots and celery, and immediately moved on to my lunch.  Then, around 2 this afternoon, I’m chugging more water and eating my apple slices.  So my effect from bad food is the sudden onslaught of hunger between meals, but on the next day.  But I’m drinking more water, which is nice.

10:00 AM.  Lunch.  A big green salad with half an avocado and a sliced up Aidells Chicken and Apple sausage sitting on top.  Tasty.

Lunch 5_9_16

Fully Compliant

2:00 PM.  Apple slices and a travel mug full of water.  I wrote about this up there ⇑⇑⇑ somewhere.

4:00 PM.  Snack.  Homemade trail mix.

6:30 PM.  Dinner.  Flank steak, potatoes cooked in the Tfal ActiFry, and corn on the cob with organic grass-fed butter.  Is it summer yet?

Dinner 5_9_16

Clean Eating

9:30 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Life 81 Days After My Whole30

Saturday, April 23, 2016. Whole30 plus 81 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings…

4:15 AM.  Awake.  My internal alarm clock (it’s a curse) and my bladder think it’s time to get up.  TCOB, back to sleep.

6:00 AM.  Jane’s up and getting her day started.  She’s volunteering with C5 for a few hours this morning, and then she’s flying solo on the days first grocery shopping trip.

In the mean time, I have 2 Golden Retrievers on the bed who think that participating in a wrestling match and using me as the ring is a great idea.  Bless them.

Whole30 Observation:  Once you decide to give the whole “clean eating” thing a go, the longer you stick with the program, the easier the shopping gets.  (Especially when I’m sitting at home, cooking and eating breakfast, and writing on the ol’ blog while Jane is out shopping.)  Yes, you’re still reading labels, but not as much as you used to.  The “prep” cooking gets a lot easier, too.

7:30 AM.  After having a couple cups of black coffee, I’m moving on to tea while I’m getting my breakfast ready.  My tea of choice (since it was the first one I grabbed) this morning is Teavana Dragonwell Green Tea.  Good stuff!


Brew, Baby, Brew!

I guess ours is an older generation ‘Perfectea‘ maker, compared to the fancy newfangled ones they have now.  This is a 16oz/500ml brewer/steeper thingy, though.

8:00 AM.  Breakfast is served!  I took 2 small-ish yellow potatoes, diced them up and threw them in the ActiFry with a tiny bit of olive oil and ghee.  When the spuds were almost finished cooking to my liking, I added 2 sliced Aidells Chicken and Apple sausages and let them get a little caramelized before plating that mess up and adding 2 poached eggs on top.  And I use the term “Poached Eggs” rather loosely in this case.  The first one was a disaster, the second one was just a minor catastrophe.  In my defense, I’m trying to remember the last time I tried to poach an egg.  I got nothing.

Bfast 4_23_16

Fully Compliant

Maybe if I put enough pepper on my breakfast, everybody will say “You like pepper much, dude?”, and nobody will notice the carnage of the poached eggs on this plate.  as if.

Afternoon running around:  First we went to Sprouts Market for cacao nibs and local bee pollen.  Then over to Costco for Aidells Chicken and Apple sausages, Kirkland dry roasted almonds, and GT’s Gingerade Kombucha (sounds gross but it’s delicious!) and finally a stop in to Winco to get the rest of the ingredients to make our trail mix and to grind up some almond butter.

Our trail mix consists of raisins, dry roasted almonds, salt and pepper cashews, pecan halves, pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds), raw sunflower seeds, and cacao nibs.  Happy snacking!

Nuts 4_23_13

Fully Compliant Trail Mix (Before Mixing)

8:00 PM.  Dinner.  Baja style fish tacos.  WAIT!  NO! THEY’RE NOT DISGUSTING!  They’re absolutely delicious!  The first time someone asked me over for fish tacos, I couldn’t come up with an excuse fast enough to not have dinner with them.  I showed up anyway because I heard there was going to be beer there, too.  Anyway, aside from the beer, it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made and one of the best things I have ever eaten.  Ever.

Dinner 4_23_16

Clean Eating

Start with cooking your favorite fish – we use cod.  You can use whichever fish you prefer, but I would stay away from tuna and salmon and other stronger or more oily fish.  Shrimp and lobster work well, too.  Don’t forget, you have to double down on the corn tortillas (the little ones).  Here’s the Clean Eating tag because of the tortillas – Ingredients:  Ground corn, water, salt, and lime.  So, place your cooked fish on the doubled corn tortillas, then add thinly sliced or shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and a little squeeze of lime juice.  We also had salsa verde with ours, made with roasted tomatillos and just a little jalapeño.  Oh, and there’s also a really good cheater white sauce that you can put on these tacos to give them an even more auténtico groove – make your homemade mayo with avocado oil, thin it down with a little bit of lime juice and water, add some very finely chopped cilantro, and spice it up with a tiny bit of cumin and ancho chili powder.  Just remember, this is more about the “fresh” than it is about the “spicy”.  Dig in!

10:30 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Life 75 Days After My Whole30

Sunday, April 17, 2016. Whole30 plus 75 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.  Today?  Well

Let’s see what today brings…

7:30 AM.  Awake.  When I say it’s nice to sleep in, you have to put it all into perspective.  During the work week, my alarm is set for 4:15, and I’m prepped and fed and out the door by 6:10 at the absolute latest.  So, sleeping until 7:30 AM is really sleeping in for me.  3 cups of black coffee.

9:00 AM.  Breakfast.  And again, I diced up some potatoes and cooked them in the T-Fal ActiFry cooking thing.  It takes about half an hour for the spuds to cook.  When the potatoes had about 5 minutes left to cook, I threw in 2 sliced Aidells Chicken and Apple sausages and let everything finish up.  I also had 3 eggs over easy, sort of.  My egg game has really been far off this weekend.

Bfast 4_17_16

Fully Compliant

Lot’s of pepper, too.

So after breakfast and tons of yardwork (the winds FINALLY died down), today kind of took an interesting turn, to say the least.  You see, there was this doughnut.  And me and said doughnut kind of, well, you know…enough said.  You can fill in the blanks from here.  I also took some benadryl today (itchy eyes, runny nose, I sound like a commercial) which led to a nap this afternoon.  I can’t even remember the last time I actually took a nap.  I think I may want to add naps to my repertoire occasionally.  It was awesome!

6:00 PM.  Dinner.  Chicken breast with mushroom and asparagus coconut milk sauce, served over a bed of rice.

Dinner 4_17_16

Clean Eating

Whole30 Observation:  I’ll be watching my reaction to the wheat flour and sugar from the doughnut, as well as how the rice is going to treat me tomorrow.  I already know what’s going to happen.  After I eat a compliant breakfast high in protein and vegetables, I’m going to be ravenous 3 hours later.  I’ll keep you posted.

As the comedians say – “That’s my time”…

10:00 PM.  Targeted bed time.  Later than I want, but I had a nap today.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Life 59 Days After My Whole30

Friday, April 1, 2016. Whole30 plus 59 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings:  No April Foolery here today.  Let’s have the truly creative people take care of that!

4:10 AM.  Awake before the alarm.  Again.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  I had some more of the ground pork breakfast loaf with some scrambled egg whites which included this weeks veggie mix of summer squash, butternut squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers, and mushrooms.  I also threw a half teaspoon of local bee pollen down the hatch.

BFast 4_1_16

Fully Compliant

I also made up a huge mug of white tea for the running around that I had to do this morning.  And this is where the day gets kind of screwy…

Whole30 Observation: (Or any other eating plan, for that matter):  I knew after eating white rice with my dinner last night that I was going to have hunger issues later this morning.  And, I also know that we’re all supposed to keep an emergency stash of Lärabars in the glove compartment (I don’t carry a murse), or plan ahead with some easily accessible snacks when you know you’re going to have a stretch between meals.  Oops.  I had a doctor’s appointment that went from 9:45 AM to 1:00 PM.  Remember, I had my breakfast at 5:45 AM and had white rice last night.  Not too clever.  Needless to say, I was ready to gnaw my arm off.

1:30 PM.  Lunch.  Finally.  Some leftover brisket, mashed potatoes and green beans.  I also had 4 leftover wings while this was reheating in the microwave.

Lunch 4_1_16

Clean Eating

My lunch gets the Clean Eating tag.  This meal would get the fully compliant label, but there was organic, grass fed butter on the green beans.  I think we used the last of our ghee when we made the smashed spuds.

2:30 PM.  Snack.  But not really.  We ended up at Panera Bread so our son could grab a bite, and I decided to get a cup of their coffee.  So now I got bread and sandwiches stuck on the brain.  Again.  So after we leave Panera, it’s off on a few more errands, then the cave-in.  Because once you get bagels on the brain…

5:00 PM.  Dinner, I suppose.  Bagels with deli ham and cream cheese.  Absolutely delicious!  I’m not even going to attempt to justify this as 80/20 or anything.  It is what it is.

Snack Dinner 4_1_16

80/20 Rule?  That’s Pushing It…

10:30 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Life 58 Days After My Whole30

Thursday, March 31, 2016. Whole30 plus 58 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings:

4:14 AM.  Wide awake.  I decided this morning to do a mini-crunch so I could see the clock that’s across the bedroom.  That’s what it read – 4:14.  I then swing my feet to the floor and disarm the bomb on my nightstand that’s ready to go off (my alarm).  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  I tried something new this morning.  (Whaaaat?) True!!!  Jane made this ground pork breakfast loaf (I know it sounds kinda funny) from a recipe she found on Pinterest, and it was really good!  Nice little kick to it from the spices.  And of course, I scrambled up some egg whites plus some this weeks veggie mix of summer squash, butternut squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers, and mushrooms, and life was good.  I also threw a half teaspoon of local bee pollen down my neck.  Don’t worry.  No bees were harmed.

BFast 3_31_16

Fully Compliant

The breakfast loaf has pretty much the same texture as meat loaf, but it’s more ‘firm’ and easier to slice after it’s been in the fridge.  So cut it into slices and give it a couple of minutes both sides on the griddle or in the frying pan, and you’re set!

I also made up a huge mug of white tea for the drive in and office time this morning.

Whole30 Observation:  Pinterest has the absolute best collection of Whole30 recipes.  But I do have to throw in a little caveat emptor here:  Make sure you check the ingredients!!!

11:00 AM.  Lunch.  I’m having a nice green salad with oil and vinegar dressing, topped with a grilled chicken breast.  Today it looks like a tomato party is taking place in my bowl.

Lunch 3_31_16 (1)

Fully Compliant

4:00 PM.  Snack.  If you guessed a sliced red apple and a cappuccino made with almond milk, you would be correct:

Snack 3_31_16

Fully Compliant.

The poor apple on the left trying to figure out what happened to her friend…

6:00 PM.  Dinner.  Chicken shish kebabs and beef shish kebabs, white rice, yes I said WHITE RICE and chimichurri.  Did I say delicious?  The weather was nice enough to grill outside tonight, so add that to the flavor factor.

Dinner 3_31_16

Whole30 Compliant? No.  Paleo?  Not Sure.  Clean Eating?  Maybe. Paleo 80/20?  Yessss!

Whole30, Paleo and Clean Eating Observation:  OK, we all know that this monster we have created known as the internet is almost completely useless.  Why not use your powers for good instead of evil, Internet?  So here’s the latest and greatest find on White Rice.  I got nothing.  We’re all over the place – White Rice is definitely not Whole30 Compliant.  The Paleo crowd seems to have lots of pro’s-and-con’s.  Is you is, or is you ain’t Paleo?  What about Clean Eating?  Sure, why not?  Then I stumbled across this little gem:  Paleo 80/20. So now I’m all like Anna in ‘Frozen’: Wait! What?  You mean to tell me I’m still ON PLAN if I eat Paleo 80% of the time and cave to the crave 20% of the time?  Sign me up!  Can I make this retroactive for the last 57 days and just change the name of my little blog?  So yeah, I feel good about it because I can put a label on it and throw it in that pigeon hole and I’m not cheating.  But I also know what’s going to happen tomorrow with the carb load and glycemic load.  Wait for it…wait for it…

9:30 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Whole 30 Observations Day 54

Day 54.  February 26, 2016.


4:15 AM.  Awake just a few minutes before the alarm.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  I’m on a roll – the same breakfast 5 days in a row!  I don’t mind, because 1. It’s really good and 2. We (Jane) did all the cook-up last weekend, so we’re (I am) putting it to good use.  Description in case you missed it: breakfast scramble with breakfast sausage and a pile of veggies – yellow squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers and mushrooms, scrambled with 1 real egg and  1 eggbeaters cup, all topped with pico de gallo.  I had half an avocado on the side.  I forgot to eat my  bee pollen this morning, so I’ll have to have some this afternoon or evening.

BFast 2_26_16

Check out the dehydrated kiwi @ 1 o’clock by my coffee cup.  I made a travel mug full of green tea to take with this morning.

Whole30 Observation:  I’m starting to question – again – the whole white rice thing.  I had white rice with my albondigas last night, and today, again, 10:00 AM, I’m starving!  And I did have a nice, fulfilling breakfast this morning.  I’m no rocket surgeon, but I’m making the conclusion that if I’m having white rice, I better plan on having snacks at the ready the following morning.  Oh, and to make matters worse, Losers Lunch (I’m buying.  I have to pay-up on  bet that I lost) got moved to noon instead of 11:00 AM.  grrrrr.

12:00 PM. Lunch.  Finally.  Dickey’s BBQ.  I’ll fees up when I mess up, that’s for sure.  So here it is – Brisket, Polish sausage, and jalapeño beans, chased down with an unsweetened iced tea.  Oh, I also ate a few waffle iron fries:

Lunch 2_26_16

I also ate the onion and pickles, but I didn’t eat the bread.  All in all it was pretty good, and I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever because I have been really good as far as the Whole30 program goes.

2:30.  Snack.  Sort of.  Stopped in at Sambalatte in Boca Park for a cup.  I had a flat white.  No picture.  Sorry.  It looked really nice, though…

4:30 PM.  Snack V2.  A double shot of espresso guanabara, a nice red apple, and some home made beef jerky:

Snack 2_26_16

The espresso is a new bag of beans I got for my birthday, but I need to get the grind dialed in so I can get that nice crema on top.  It tasted really good!

7:30 PM.  Dinner.  Kind of late, but I got side-tracked reading a book, Jane is looking after our friends little girl for a couple of hours, and our son is at yet another school event.  Friday night in Vegas, baby!  So I had an encore performance of dinner from Wednesday – Cracklin’ Chicken, roasted potatoes and green beans:

Dinner 2_26_16

I cut up the potatoes so they would reheat faster, and went with Italian green beans.  That’s some good chicken!

Whole30 Observation:  I should be back to clean eating tomorrow.

10:00 PM.  Bed.  It’s Friday night.  Vegas, baby!

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Whole 30 Observations Day 52

Day 52.  February 24, 2016.


4:15 AM.  Alarm.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  As with Monday and Tuesday, I had a breakfast scramble with compliant breakfast sausage and tons of veggies – yellow squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers and mushrooms, scrambled in with 1 real egg and 1 eggbeaters cup, and half an avocado.  The eggs were topped with pico de gallo:

BFast 2_24_16

Today I started adding some local bee pollen to my morning repertoire.  I’m using Annsley Naturals Southwest 100% Raw Local Desert Pollen. I threw it on top of my eggs at breakfast.  The stuff tastes really interesting, but not in a bad way.  I’m trying this approach, along with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar,  to see if the sinuses want to stop acting up.  I had a sinus infection last summer.  First one I’ve had in easily 20 years.  Since I went through that round of antibiotics, it seems like I’m more congested and get more headaches than ever.  So I’d rather look at other means to see if that helps before reaching for some sort of pill.

Another jumbo mug of white tea for the road.

11:00 AM.  Lunch.  A tasty green salad topped with half an avocado and a baked chicken breast, home made oil and vinegar dressing:

Lunch 2_24_16

Whole30 Observation:  At 11:00 AM it hit me from out of nowhere how hungry I was!  So since I’m at my desk, I decided to do a little reading-up on white rice, simple carbs, complex carbs and the glycemic index, as well as a little refresher on fiber.  Do I blame the white rice from last night for the sudden onslaught of hunger today?  Maybe…

4:00 PM.  Snacks.  A big latté.  That’s a double shot of espresso and steamed almond milk.  I also hade 2 kinds of home made beef jerky and apple slices.

Snacks 2_24_`6

Whole30 Observation:   Today so far looks a lot like yesterday!  I just spoke with Jane, and it’s not albondigas tonight, instead it will be Cracklin’ Chicken.  So I guess it won’t be Groundhog Day after all.

6:00 PM.  Dinner.  Cracklin’ Chicken (Pinterest, Nom Nom Paleo, Michelle Tam), green beans and roasted red potatoes.  Another hit.  I could probably eat a plate of these thighs by themselves.  But we know that wouldn’t be right.

Dinner 2_24_16

Whole30 Observation:  Today is Day 52 of Whole 30 and Clean Eating.  It’s also the first time I used the word Paleo in my blog.  Our promise to Melissa and Dallas is that we will try our best to never go into the “Paleo Pop-Tarts” zone.  If you don’t get this reference, go back to the Whole30 Rules and re-read the bullet about “Do not try to re-create baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients.”

9:00 PM.  Time for bed.  Up early (as usual) tomorrow.

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