Life 81 Days After My Whole30

Saturday, April 23, 2016. Whole30 plus 81 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings…

4:15 AM.  Awake.  My internal alarm clock (it’s a curse) and my bladder think it’s time to get up.  TCOB, back to sleep.

6:00 AM.  Jane’s up and getting her day started.  She’s volunteering with C5 for a few hours this morning, and then she’s flying solo on the days first grocery shopping trip.

In the mean time, I have 2 Golden Retrievers on the bed who think that participating in a wrestling match and using me as the ring is a great idea.  Bless them.

Whole30 Observation:  Once you decide to give the whole “clean eating” thing a go, the longer you stick with the program, the easier the shopping gets.  (Especially when I’m sitting at home, cooking and eating breakfast, and writing on the ol’ blog while Jane is out shopping.)  Yes, you’re still reading labels, but not as much as you used to.  The “prep” cooking gets a lot easier, too.

7:30 AM.  After having a couple cups of black coffee, I’m moving on to tea while I’m getting my breakfast ready.  My tea of choice (since it was the first one I grabbed) this morning is Teavana Dragonwell Green Tea.  Good stuff!


Brew, Baby, Brew!

I guess ours is an older generation ‘Perfectea‘ maker, compared to the fancy newfangled ones they have now.  This is a 16oz/500ml brewer/steeper thingy, though.

8:00 AM.  Breakfast is served!  I took 2 small-ish yellow potatoes, diced them up and threw them in the ActiFry with a tiny bit of olive oil and ghee.  When the spuds were almost finished cooking to my liking, I added 2 sliced Aidells Chicken and Apple sausages and let them get a little caramelized before plating that mess up and adding 2 poached eggs on top.  And I use the term “Poached Eggs” rather loosely in this case.  The first one was a disaster, the second one was just a minor catastrophe.  In my defense, I’m trying to remember the last time I tried to poach an egg.  I got nothing.

Bfast 4_23_16

Fully Compliant

Maybe if I put enough pepper on my breakfast, everybody will say “You like pepper much, dude?”, and nobody will notice the carnage of the poached eggs on this plate.  as if.

Afternoon running around:  First we went to Sprouts Market for cacao nibs and local bee pollen.  Then over to Costco for Aidells Chicken and Apple sausages, Kirkland dry roasted almonds, and GT’s Gingerade Kombucha (sounds gross but it’s delicious!) and finally a stop in to Winco to get the rest of the ingredients to make our trail mix and to grind up some almond butter.

Our trail mix consists of raisins, dry roasted almonds, salt and pepper cashews, pecan halves, pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds), raw sunflower seeds, and cacao nibs.  Happy snacking!

Nuts 4_23_13

Fully Compliant Trail Mix (Before Mixing)

8:00 PM.  Dinner.  Baja style fish tacos.  WAIT!  NO! THEY’RE NOT DISGUSTING!  They’re absolutely delicious!  The first time someone asked me over for fish tacos, I couldn’t come up with an excuse fast enough to not have dinner with them.  I showed up anyway because I heard there was going to be beer there, too.  Anyway, aside from the beer, it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made and one of the best things I have ever eaten.  Ever.

Dinner 4_23_16

Clean Eating

Start with cooking your favorite fish – we use cod.  You can use whichever fish you prefer, but I would stay away from tuna and salmon and other stronger or more oily fish.  Shrimp and lobster work well, too.  Don’t forget, you have to double down on the corn tortillas (the little ones).  Here’s the Clean Eating tag because of the tortillas – Ingredients:  Ground corn, water, salt, and lime.  So, place your cooked fish on the doubled corn tortillas, then add thinly sliced or shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and a little squeeze of lime juice.  We also had salsa verde with ours, made with roasted tomatillos and just a little jalapeño.  Oh, and there’s also a really good cheater white sauce that you can put on these tacos to give them an even more auténtico groove – make your homemade mayo with avocado oil, thin it down with a little bit of lime juice and water, add some very finely chopped cilantro, and spice it up with a tiny bit of cumin and ancho chili powder.  Just remember, this is more about the “fresh” than it is about the “spicy”.  Dig in!

10:30 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Relive my journey from Day 1.


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