Life 71 Days After My Whole30

Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Whole30 plus 71 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.  Wait until you see what I had for my snack this afternoon…

Aside from that, let’s see what today brings…

4:15 AM.  Awake a few minutes before the alarm.  Again.  I’m not mad.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  Jane made a new batch of ground beef hash with ground beef (duh) and sweet potatoes of the yellow and white varieties.  So I had some of that with a new batch of the veggie mix (summer squash, butternut squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers, and mushrooms) scrambled with a half cup of egg whites.  And a half teaspoon of bee pollen.

BFast 4_13_16

Fully Compliant

I brewed up another big mug of green tea for the driving around this morning.

11:00 AM.  After devouring my carrots and celery, I’m tearing through a delicious green salad with a grilled chicken breast on top, oil and vinegar dressing.

Lunch 4_13_16

Fully Compliant

4:00 PM.  Snack time.  A sliced Red Delicious apple, some homemade beef jerky, and this 16th Century Norse Siren showed up and enticed me into drinking her sweet, sweet nectar:


Snack 4_13_16

Clean, Compliant, and…uh-oh.

That would be a Starbuck’s Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato chillin’ in the background. I haven’t had one of those in a while.  I’ll throw that into the 80/20 pile, I guess.  I’m feeling pretty full, though.  It’s the milk.  Anyway, the ingredients in this particular beverage, as a whole (here’s me trying to justify this…), are:  Espresso=OK. Skim milk=OK. Ice cubes=OK.  (here’s me really trying to justify this.  Ice cubes…)  Organic whole milk would have been better, and qualifies as a “Whole” food, but skim milk does qualify as a “Clean” food.  Now the sugar-free caramel flavoring, that’s an entirely different story and goes against everything we’ve learned and accomplished, and is something that we’re trying to stay way from.  My bad.

6:00 PM.  Dinner.  Animal-style (protein style) burgers and white sweet potato fries.

Dinner 4_13_16

Fully Compliant

The fries were cooked in a T-Fal ActiFry, whose box boasts “Only 1 tablespoon of oil for 2 lbs of delicious French fries”.  So that’s roughly 15 ml of cooking oil to 1 kg of sweet potatoes.  Or regular potatoes.  You can also cook zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions, my English aunt cooks bangers in her ActiFry, all sorts of things.  We haven’t used ours for a while, and Jane decided it was time to give it a go, since we’ve already tried the oven and the toaster oven, but can’t be bothered with the whole pan frying thing to make sweet potato fries.  Plus, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of clean eating.  Kind of like an iced caramel macchiato…d’oh!

TFal 4_13_16

The T-Fal thing doing its thing…

We actually thought the fries were going to come out like, well, fries.  They were really tasty, and I prefer this method over the recipes where they’re coated with arrowroot powder/flour/starch whatever before baking them.

9:30 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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