Life 62 Days After My Whole30

Monday, April 4, 2016. Whole30 plus 62 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings:

4:15 AM.  Alarm.  Awake.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  Sweet potato (white and yellow) ground beef hash served with the veggie mix (summer squash, butternut squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers, and mushrooms) scrambled with a half cup of egg whites.  And a half teaspoon of bee pollen.

Bfast 4_4_16

Fully Compliant


I’m back to the green tea to take to work with me.  Good Stuff.

10:00 AM.  I’m starting with my carrots and celery and moving into my salad, which had a ton of spinach and a nice grilled chicken breast on top, olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Lunch 4_4_16

Fully Compliant

4:30 PM.  Snack.  I ate my apple slices during the drive home.  Talking on the phone and texting while driving is illegal, but to not eat these apple slices would be a far greater crime.  Afternoon hungrys kicked-in pretty hard today, so I’m going with a double shot of espresso with steamed almond milk, and some of my homemade beef jerky.

Snack 4_4_16

Clean Eating

If you care to read my added sugar argument from yesterday, please do so.

6:00 PM.  Dinner.  Leftover chicken and onion enchiladas with Mexican cauliflower rice.  Sabroso!  So we took some of the leftover Vegan cheese and mixed in some of the delicious sauce, then covered the enchiladas with that.  Even better!

Dinner 4_4_16

Clean Eating.  SWYPO

9:00 PM.  What time I should be in bed.  I was up a little too late last night.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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Relive my journey from Day 1.


4 thoughts on “Life 62 Days After My Whole30

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    • Hi Connie,
      Most of the recipes are from Pinterest or a cookbook called Nom Nom Paleo. If there are any recipes in particular that you want, let me know and I will link them or write them down for you.


  2. Pingback: Life 61 Days After My Whole30 | funwithrickandjane

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