Life 48 Days After My Whole30

Monday, March 21, 2016. Whole30 plus 48 days of Clean Eating.  Mostly.

Let’s see what today brings…

4:15 AM.  Alarm.  Awake.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  Decided to go with the sweet potato and ground beef hash thrown in the pan with my veggie mix –  summer squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers, and mushrooms, all scrambled with some egg whites.  I also had a half teaspoon of bee pollen.

Breakfast 3_21_16

Fully Compliant

I brewed up a big mug of organic green Jasmine tea to take to work with me.  I think I’m going to stick with this tea for the week.

Whole30 Observation:  Since I had sugar and dairy last night, I knew what I was probably going to be in for today, and lo and behold, it happened:  another massive hunger attack at 10:45 AM.  No warning, just hunger.  I was very glad that my lunch was nearby so I could dig in right away.

11:00 AM.  Lunch.  A big green salad with a grilled chicken breast.  Proteins and Greens!

Lunch 3_21_16

Fully Compliant

3:30 PM.  Snack.  I had to grab a double shot of espresso with some almond milk for a quick latte, and eat up my apple slices.

Snack 3_21_16

Fully Compliant

4:30 PM.  Back to the dentist to get my crown reattached.  To be honest, it doesn’t bother me to be ‘crownless’ right now – I’m in no pain, I’m not being extra cautious when chewing, etc.  I just hope I don’t have to be numbed-up again, because that will interfere with my dinner!  The crown reinstallation was a success, time to get home and get my grub on!

6:30 PM.  Dinner.  Protein style hamburgers with sweet potato fries.  Jane tried a new method for the fries using arrowroot powder to make them a little crispier.  We give this recipe a thumbs down.  We want to taste sweet potatoes, not arrowroot powder.  We tried, right?  Protein burgers were absolutely delicious!

Dinner 3_21_16

Fully Compliant

See the burger bottom left?  Remember Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors?  Feed me, Seymour!

9:00 PM.  Targeted bed time.

And so goes Step Four: Life After Your Whole30.  Today was a good day.

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