Whole 30 Observations Day 43

Day 43.  February 15, 2016.

STEP THREE: SHARE YOUR STORY.  I have been sharing my story.  Starting here at Day 1.


4:15 AM.  Alarm. 2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast. 3 mini frittatas, ground beef hash, and a quarter of an avocado (we had avocado issues this weekend):

Breakfast 2_15_16

10:30 AM.  Lunch.  Green salad with avocado and a side of tuna:

Lunch 2_15_16

Whole30 Observation:   Paying the price today for going a little crazy at dinner last night.  Not sure if it was the gluten or dairy or sugar that caused it, but I was super hungry at 10:30 and started in with my lunch.  Even after I had a good breakfast.  And I had already eaten all of my carrots and celery by 9.

3:30 PM.  Back home.  Beef Jerky Time!  We bought a food dehydrator over the weekend and are testing it out.  Beef Jerky, 3 reasons:  1.  The stuff is really expensive when you go out to buy it,  2.  You think you’d be able to find any of the stuff without all the B.S. added?  and 3.  Afternoon protein.  The stretch between lunch and dinner is a just a little bit too long without a more substantial snack.  2 pounds of lean top round gave us a yield of 14 ounces  (900g start, 400g finish +/-).

Beef Jerky

5:30 PM.  Dinner.  Smothered pork chop, green beans and mashed potatoes made with almond milk and a little bit of ghee.  Again, one of my favorites before, during and after the Whole30, with this version being a keeper:

Dinner 2_15_16

Whole30 Observation:   What I said earlier – I’m not sure if it was the gluten or dairy or sugar yesterday that threw me out of whack today, but when the hunger kicked in again this afternoon, it was sudden and brutal.  Of course I had my apple slices to help get me through until I got home, so that was nice.

I will be eating clean and compliant tomorrow.

9:00 PM.  Bed.

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