Whole 30 Observations Day 42

Day 42.  February 14, 2016.  STEP TWO: REINTRODUCTION Day 12

Happy Valentines Day!!!

7:00 AM.  Nice to sleep in.  2 cups black coffee.

Whole30 Observation:  Woke up feeling just fine this morning.  No headache, no aches and pains, life is good!  I will declare this day to be a MAJOR NON-SCALE VICTORY!  I will have completed my first Whole30 and reintroduction and Jane has completed her second Whole30, so mad props to her!  There will be some off-program stuff going on tonight, though…  Go to the section on reintroduction in Part 1 of your Whole30 book (in ours it’s on pages 43 and 44) for a list of Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s).  Re-read this when you get a minute.  There will be a quiz.

8:00 AM.  Breakfast.  Some bacon, 3 eggs over easy cooked in ghee, and some potatoes cooked in the bacon fat residue after I drained the pan and reclaimed the oil:

Breakfast 2_14_16

1:30 PM.  Lunch.  Left over baked chicken thighs and a nice tall glass of carbonated cranberry juice.  I’ve posted about this before, and for us this has been a life saver during the Whole30.  First, get yourself a SodaStream device (or similar) so you can make your own carbonated water.  Or you can just by carbonated water.  Whatever.  And second, get yourself some high quality no BS juice like R.W. Knudsen Just Juice.  Make your own sparkling drinks.  The reason why I like to make my own carbonated water, is sometimes we like the water a little bit “flatter” for carbonated white tea, and other times we like the water over-carbonated for the sparkling juice.  Your call.  Here’s lunch:

Lunch 2_14_16

6:30 PM.  Dinner.  We’re way Off Program tonight.  Scroll down if you dare.

9:00 PM.  Bed.  AFTER The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead.  So glad and lucky we get the East Coast feed & we can DVR these 2 shows while we’re out, and then FF→→ through the commercials!

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  1. We completed the Whole30 program, as well as the reintroduction phase of the program, without once cheating or sneaking.
  2. We have been eating clean, except where noted during reintroduction, for the past 42 days.
  3. It is Valentines Day, after all.
  4. Jane chose where to eat Valentines dinner, so IT IS MAN CODE that I must oblige.  (I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings now, would I?!?!?)
  5. It’s The Whole30, not The Whole365.  And for that I thank you, Melissa and Dallas!

Happy Valentines Day!  Here’s Jane’s first decision of the day:

Valentines Day 2016Candy 16







Here’s Jane’s last decision of the day.  We both had Number 1’s from  In-N-Out: Double Double, Fries and a Chocolate Shake.  Which looked something like this:

In_N_Out 2_14_162016tshirt-white_detail[1]







Remember:  1.  Man Code 2.  I told you not to look!


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