Whole 30 Observations Day 35

Day 35.  February 7, 2016.  STEP TWO: REINTRODUCTION Day 5

4:15 AM.  Nature calls, and I answer that call.  Back to bed.

7:00 AM.  Up and at ’em!  2 cups of black coffee before during and after breakfast. 3 eggs over easy, plain cottage style potatoes and 2 strips of bacon from US Wellness.

Jane is out the door early today to volunteer with C5 at the Heaven Can Wait spay/neuter clinic.  She’ll probably pull a solid 8, so I’ll try not to trash this place (too much) while she’s out.  I got plans, me…

Whole30 Observation:  I usually like my bacon on the crispy side.  My personal recommendation on US Wellness bacon is it’s a lot better when it’s not pushed past the done-ness limits, so don’t overcook the bacon!  Thumbs-up on this product, btw.  Since I’m doing shameless product endorsements, let me say that the Organic White Tea from Prince of Peace is really, really good!  My recommendation, since you didn’t ask, is to brew it strong for your morning beverage.

Whole30 Observation 2:  I don’t seem to be affected at all as far as reintroducing non-gluten grains yesterday – oats, corn and rice.

BFast 2_7_16

Breakfast looked a little something like this firt picture:

I reserved the bacon grease so I could use it to grease up the muffin pan when I made my mini frittatas today.  The bacon grease worked better than coconut oil for the whole ‘non-stick’ action, but it wasn’t perfect.  Next time I’m going to use the solidified bacon fat and grease them cups up with that.  Trial and error, I suppose.

This Minis 2_7_16week, I took my Ortega peppers (canned) and warmed them in a non-stick pan in order to get rid of some of the moisture.  I also threw in my red peppers to get the same effect.  Last week they came out pretty ‘watery’.  They were still delicious, but there was definitely room for improvement.  Anyway, mini egg cup frittata dudes are 50% whole eggs, 50% original All Whites egg whites, bacon that I mentioned before, red peppers and Ortega peppers.

Lunch 2_7_161:00 PM.  Lunch.  Green salad and a couple of Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausages.  If you haven’t tried Aidells, you should.  They’ve been one of my favorites since starting the Whole30.

We’re doing major Chicken Wings for Super Bowl viewing.  I’ve posted about this before, and I’m still stoked that we can do these Whole30 compliant with just some very minor changes.Wings 2_7_16

Rinse the wings, pat dry and coat with potato starch, bake for 1 hour at 450°, turning half way through.  For the sauce, warm up some Frank’s RedHot with a little bit of ghee added and give them a spin.  We served ours with homemade compliant ranch dressing for the dipping sauce.  Carrots and celery on the side, of course.  We also had compliant avocado devilled eggs to go with them.

Jane has been waiting until today to do day 1 of her slow your roll reintroduction.  With beer.  She’s going with a nice Longboarder Island Lager.  Hawaiians call Las Vegas “The Ninth Island”.  Google it.  But I digress…  Just found out Jane’s group took care of 182 cats today.  Good job! 3 beers and she’s done, btw…

9:00 PM.  Bedtime.  Monday tomorrow. yay.

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