Whole 30 Observations Day 31

Day 31.  February 3, 2016.  “Deep breathing. And maybe some ice cream.

I’m going to skip the ice cream for now, but I am going to follow the STEP TWO: REINTRODUCTION part of the program as best as I can…  As I said before, I’m not particularly bothered about getting my hands on (or stuffing into my mouth) any specific food or drink item, so I think I’ll try this approach.

Jane has decided to “Slow Her Roll” and go with The Conservative Whole30 Reintroduction.  She isn’t in any rush to go with the legumes, but she does want to drink some beer during the Super Bowl.  Take your time, Jane.

Day 1: Evaluate legumes, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant.

4:15 AM.  Am I napping in a hammock on some warm and breezy Caribbean island and the gentle sound of the surf is providing a calming lull?  Nope!  That sweet calypso music is my alarm.  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast.  3 mini frittatas, ground beef hash, and last nights leftover chili with pinto beans added to it.  Here’s my first legumes in 30 days:

BFast 2_3_16

Now that’s what I call a Hot Mess!  (Does anybody say that anymore?)

11:30 AM.  Lunch.  Garden salad with avocado, oil and vinegar dressing, and a side of hummus and platanitos (plantain chips).  Hope I don’t have to talk to anybody up close this afternoon.  All that garlic-y goodness in the hummus.  Here’s my second legumes in 30 days:

Lunch 2_3_16

4:00 PM.  Back home.  FedEx dropped-off my Birthday present today.  Thanks, Jane!  A couple weeks early, but what the heck.  3 x 1.5 pounds of bacon, 2 x 1 pound of breakfast sausage, 1 pack of spicy beef jerky and 1 pack of beef snacks from US Wellness Meats.  Stoked!

I went through the last of one of the Christmas coffees today.  Pulled a double shot for a Caffé Americano.  Tried a beef jerky and a beef snack with my apple slices while having a sip.  US Wellness gets a 10/10.  Kind of an unusual snack, I know, but what the heck…

The BeanAmericano 2_3_16







5:30 PM.  Dinner.  Chile Verde with Mexican cauliflower rice and black beans.  My third legumes in 30 days.  Pretty darn tasty:

Dinner 2_3_16

9:00 PM.  Try to be in bed.  Jury Duty tomorrow.  Innocent until proven guilty.  The Grinder rests.

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