Whole 30 Observations Day 27

Day 27.  January 30, 2016.  “Tiger Blood” post 12

4:00 AM.  Awake.  Hellz No!  Back to sleep…

6:30 AM.  Slept In.   Wide awake.  Let’s get this party started.  Here’s a Whole30 Observation:  I’m a lot less creaky and stiff or sore when I get up in the morning, so that’s nice.  2 cups of black coffee.

8:00 AM.  Breakfast.  Potatoes, pork belly and eggs.

BFast 1_30_16.JPG

I like pepper.  No salt required.  Trust me.  Here’s what I did with the spuds:  I did a rough peel and slice, then cooked them in the microwave for 12 minutes (individual results may vary).  When the pork belly was finished cooking, I put it on a paper towel to drain, and drained the fat from the pan into a small bowl.  While the pan (old school cast iron skillet) still had a slight coating of oil, I threw in the potatoes and just lightly browned them on both sides.  The eggs were cooked in a non-stick pan with just a tiny bit of ghee.

11:00 AM.  Just got back from BIG grocery shopping.  When did cauliflower get so expensive?  It was incredible, looking in our cart.  We had a 6-pack of Coke for our son, and that was the only non-compliant food item in the cart.  He’s been a real trooper through this whole thing, just rolling with the punches when it comes to family dining.  Not finicky at all.  He does get to have his own goodies, though. He is a teenager after all!

12:00 Noon.  Lunch.  A couple of Aidells Chicken & Apple sausages with some celery and carrots.  Aidells sausages are another one of those products that everybody will enjoy, ‘dieting’ or not.  A really good product!  I just sliced these on the bias and warmed them in a non-stick pan without any oil.  The natural sugars in the apple cause quick caramelization, so you really have to pay attention.  Listen to me sounding all Food Network with the ‘bias’ and ‘caramelization’. Take a look:

Lunch 1_30_16

4:30 PM.  Back home.  Ended up stopping in to Whole Foods to get our last item.  Bacon.  That’s my protein-added meat of choice to my mini-frittatas next week.  Grabbed up some Wellshire sugar free paleo bacon.  We tried this stuff before (week 1) and it was actually pretty tasty!

5:30 PM.  Getting some dinner.  Leftover albondigas hits the spot.  Glad I made a lot of this yesterday.  It’s also another one of those things that’s better the next day.  Grab a spoon…

Albondigas 1_30_16

8:00 PM.  Bed.  No Kidding.  Sat down and was  doing some reading and realized that I had read the same paragraph four times with zero comprehension.

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