Whole30 Observations Day 25

Day 25.  January 28, 2016.  “Tiger Blood” post 10

4:00 AM.  Wide awake.  Not groggy.  Must be the “Tiger Blood” kicking in.  We’ll see by tonight…  2 cups of black coffee.

5:45 AM.  Breakfast of 3 mini frittatas with prosciutto, covered in Pico de Gallo (off to the side), ground beef hash, and half an avocado.  Onward and upward,  Whole30!

BFast 1_28_16

To Go 1_28_16

Another go-cup of organic Jasmine green tea for the drive to work.  This is my travel mug that I fill with tea every morning, and my Little Playmate cooler lunch box that I haul my bountiful harvest of deliciousness around in.  Just thought you might want to see this.  I shoulda called this blog “But I Digress…”

11:00 AM.  Time to dig into the cooler for some lunch.  A nice green salad with chicken and avocado, oil and vinegar dressing.  You’ve seen it before, and you’ll be seeing it again!  It’s such a good meal, and just changing up the protein keeps it interesting.  Dig in:

Salad 1_28


3:00 PM.  Back home a little early today.  Heading into the kitchen to make a decision – coffee or espresso?  Decided to make another caffé Americano for my after work chill session today.  It may be an acquired taste, but coffee drinkers should give it a try sometime if you haven’t already.


5:30 PM.  Dinner.  Went with the leftovers from last night- carnitas, Mexican cauliflower rice and plantain tostadas, with the addition of Cholula hot sauce, which is really tasty and not really that hot, and I also had some carbonated Jasmine Silver Needle white tea.  And Pico de Gallo.  Can’t forget that!  Feast your eyes on this:

Dinner 1_28_16

9:00 PM.  That’s my targeted bed time.  Friday tomorrow.  Sweet!

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