Whole 30 Observations – Interlude Day 21

(Interlude) Day 21: I am so over this.

OK, according to the Whole30 Timeline, “Somewhere in the third week of the program, serious food boredom sets in.”

You have 9 days to finish this program, and then re-introduction begins.

Let me tell you a little something about food boredom, and this isn’t meant to be a “Woe Is Me” post, I’m just trying to use a little perspective and humor.

Real World Situation #1:  I did 20+ years active duty military.  Whether it was a 4 day field exercise, or a long deployment, 30 days of eating a varied Whole30 selection beats the hell out of 9 months of MRE’s!!!  Believe me, the first generation of these things were pretty bad.  The second generation had the smarts enough to add mini Tabasco Sauce’s into the packs, but they were pretty bad, too!  One thing, at least, is every new generation of MRE gets better, more diverse, and more palatable.  But still, 30 days is nuthin’!

Real World Situation #2:  My office is in the middle of a sea of fast food restaurants.  Here’s an incomplete list of fast food places that I can walk to in 5 minutes or less:  There are 6, yes 6, Subway’s, In-N-Out Burger, Burger King, Tropical Smoothie, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Einstein Brothers, Chipotle, Café Rio, Starbucks, Jack In The Box, and the nastiest place on earth, McDonald’s*. #firstworlproblems, right?

Imagine, back in the day when I didn’t bring my lunch to work, I would go out the door and just stand there, wondering what I would have for lunch, and nothing sounded good.  Now that is some serious food boredom!!!  By the way, In-N-Out doesn’t count.  I would never eat lunch there because it was always considered a “Family Treat” to go there, and I wouldn’t want to ‘cheapen’ that.  Now, if I jumped in my truck and drove for 5 minutes, every fast food place that conducts business in Las Vegas is within reach.  Except for Long John Silver’s, Sonic, and Port o’ Subs.  Those are 10 minute drives.  I would LOL here, but it’s actually kind of sad that I know this information.

So, yeah, this diet is “boring”, if you say so.  I guess if it was fun, everybody would be doing it, and all of the McPlaces I listed above would be out of business.  Hang in there.  We can do it!  It’s not that hard.  Somewhere near the beginning of the Whole30 book, they said “Beating cancer is hard.  Kicking a heroin habit is hard.  This diet IS NOT HARD!” With all of the resources available, and your own creativity, you should be able to come up with something interesting to eat!  Again, #firstworldproblems

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*One day I may tell the story of my ultimate McDonald’s McMeltdown, and how I have grown over time to really, really dislike this place…



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