Whole30 Observations Day 2o

Day 2o.  January 23, 2016.  “Tiger Blood” post 5

4:30 AM.  Gotta pee.  Really?  On my day off?

5:00 AM.  Jane’s alarm goes off.

6:30 AM.  Bandit the Golden Retriever has made the decision that I have slept long enough.  2 cups of black coffee.

8:00 AM.  Decided to go with a big frittata for breakfast.  Ground beef hash, 3 eggs and topped it all off with a pile of pico de gallo. Deliciousness on a plate.  Made a huge mug of white tea to go with breakfast and to sip on for the rest of the morning.


12:00 Noon.  Throwing down some lunch.  Jane has returned from foraging (grocery shopping) and has been doing some major pre-cooking for next week.  She pressure cooked a chicken so we can have fresh broth for albondigas next week, and cooked chicken for our salads.  I scored the leftover carrots, celery and onions and had those with some leftover roasted chicken from dinner a couple nights ago.


2:00 PM.  Just a quick observation.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have “Tiger Blood” (I know, the program works differently for everybody…) but I’m still impressed that I’m not ‘hitting the wall’ every day at 2:00 PM like I have been for the past too many years.  So Thank You for that, Whole30!

Made a run to our local Mercado called Cardenas.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – they have killer produce at great prices.  We also picked up a liter of manteca while we were there so Jane can make carnitas later this week.  It’s actually rendered on site due to the fact that they have their own café, catering and butcher shop, amongst other things.

6:00 PM.  Dinner.  Tearing up some flank steak and roasted potatoes.  Jane reserved some of the roast beef drippings from the other night and cooked the potatoes using that for the ‘oil’.  Let me tell you, that was good!  You can’t go wrong with a nice marinated flank.  Look how juicy this baby is:


So we have an interesting afternoon tomorrow.  Jane and I get to host a family dinner, and everybody will be eating Whole30 compliant!  Jane did make a non-compliant dessert for the 2 birthday girls (and everyone else), but we won’t partake.  Maybe I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

9:00 Bed.

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