Whole30 Observations Day 19

Day 19.  January 22, 2016.  “Tiger Blood” post 4

4:00 AM.  Awake before the alarm.  Imagine that.  Got up to make coffee, but didn’t have enough ground coffee to make a full pot.  But we do have an assortment of different beans with different roasts, so let me grab a bag of the cheap stuff and find out how much noise the conical burr grinder makes in a quiet, sleeping house…not bad!  No screams from down the hall.

5:45 AM.  I’m tearing through my breakfast of 3 mini frittatas, ground beef hash and 1/2 an avocado.  Of course I have my travel mug full of green tea for the morning drive.

Jane, however, made this killer breakfast for herself this morning:  Mushroom omelette, chicken and apple sausage, half an avocado, and slow roasted tomatoes.  And a café Americano to go with it.  This Whole30 thing…you’d pay top dollar for this breakfast at some of the places around here!


11:00 AM.  I’m back at the house for lunch.  Sweet.  Guitar boy calls from skool and asks me if Hummus can be carbonated.  Fits of laughter can be heard in the background.  Jane has been making Vegan lunches for him this week.  Me thinks there may be a fair young maiden he’s trying to impress…

My  lunch is more breakfast/brunch than lunch.  I went for the chicken and apple sausages, 3 eggs over hard (yeah. oops. my bad.) and some home fries.  I’m a big fan of breakfast, so that hit the spot.  I don’t think I’m going to throw a photo of lunch in today.  Those eggs…they tasted fine, though.  They just weren’t the prettiest.

1:00 PM.  Brewed a travel mug full of white tea to take with me for the drive to my Doctor’s appointment.  Jane found a great deal on Prince of Peace Organic White Tea, so we’re trying it out.  I can’t find a link that goes directly to the product.  Sorry.  It’s pretty tasty and a bit mild for my taste, so I’ll just steep it a little bit longer to give it a little more flavor.

4:00 PM.  Returned home from the Doctor’s appointment.  Nothing interesting to report.  I did step on the scale, though.  Poor scale.  At least now I have a baseline to say “I lost XX pounds on the Whole30”, so that’s cool.  I know it’s not ‘all about the weight loss’ – I get it.

I didn’t have my apples, carrots and celery, or trail mix today.  I’m not sure if my universe is out of order or not…but I wasn’t hungry.

5:00 PM.  Chow time!  Smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans.  One of my all-time faves.  It’s funny how little adjustment we (meaning Jane) need to make to this recipe to make it compliant – smother the chops in home-made chicken stock instead of pre-packaged chicken stock, or bullion or Oxo or Knorr.  The potatoes are mashed with ghee and almond milk, and the beans are fresh (fresh outta the can, that is!).  Another winner!


6:00 PM through to 10:00 PM or so.  School event tonight then straight to bed, so I’ll be signing out early…

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