Whole30 Observations Day 14

Day 14.  January 17, 2016. “Boundless Energy! Now Give Me A Damn Twinkie.” pt. 3 of 4

7:00 AM.  Slept in.  Yessssss!  2 cups of black coffee.

8:00 AM.  Pre-cooking the rest of the pork belly  from yesterday to use later when making the mini frittatas for the week.

9:00 AM.  Breakfast!  Made this killer chili omelette with the leftover home made chili and All Whites egg whites.  OK, funny story:  I portioned out my chili in a small bowl so I can heat it up in the microwave before I cook the eggs.  Soooo glad I licked the spoon after I scooped it from the Tupperware container into the glass bowl, or I would be eating a spaghetti sauce omelette instead of a chili omelette!


12:30 PM.  Back from doing some running around.  Stopped by Costco and WinCo for a few items.  Don’t think these places don’t have some pretty good items reasonably priced!  Costco had a great deal on Aidells Chicken & Apple Smoked Chicken Sausages.  So lunch is served!


Big ol’ green salad with avocado deliciousness and chicken sausage!

6:00 PM.  Jane made the most awesome dinner!  Again!  Roast beef, carrots and potatoes. Checkout these carrots we got from Trader Joe’s:


Boundless Energy!  Now Give Me A Damn Twinkie” also known as the “I Dream of Junk Food” phase:  Jane and I both stopped and stared lovingly at a bag of Kettle Chips today.  Like and old friend we really have nothing in common with these days.  We have moved on…  Not really craving any specific junk food, but we are almost half way there and we’ve been talking, again, about what we would like to re-introduce into our diets first.  Today was talk about grains, but on the form of home made bread.  I’m sure that will change several times between now and then.  Now the for the “I Dream of Junk Food” part:  I didn’t dream of junk food last night, but I did have an interesting dream about making vacuum packed trail mixes to keep in the glove box of Jane’s car and my truck in case we have an episode like yesterday when we were doing so much running around and needed something to eat, pronto!

10:00 PM.  Bed.  Night, y’all.

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