Whole30 Observations Day 6

Day 6 of  the Whole30. January 9, 2016.  “I Just Want A Nap” pt.1

5:15 AM.  Slept through my ‘normal’ alarm time, but woke up naturally and couldn’t get back to sleep.  It’s all good, though.  Barista boy and Jane both have their alarms set for 5:30.  Guess I’ll get a pot of coffee going and flip on the news.  1 1/2 cups of black coffee before leaving the house.

6:45 AM.  Back at the house after dropping the kid off at work.  Ate 3 egg and veggie cups, half an avo,  and some potato and veggie hash.  I will seriously let you know if I get tired of this breakfast.  We’re mixing it up next week with the addition of sweet potatoes and 90/10 hamburger to the hash, and I think I wrote already about the addition of no B.S. bacon to the egg cups.  I should actually be calling the egg and veggie cups “Mini Frittatas” and the hash should be called “O’Brien Potatoes”.  Brewed up a travel mugs worth of organic white tea (hot).  I just love this stuff either hot, iced, or iced and carbonated!

9:45 AM.  Chili time!  I’m going to skip the snacks and go straight to the protein.

4:30 PM.  Doing some running around.  Finished grocery shopping and you know the Golden Rule of Grocery Shopping:  Never Shop Hungry!  Guess what?  Stuck with the plan/list!  Mostly.  Only went “off-agenda” once, sort of but not really.  I usually have an afternoon snack of some sort, so today I tried a Larabar for the first time.  Cashew cookie.  Fully compliant.  Not bad.  Also had a 1 oz. mini bag of roasted almonds and a bottle of water to go with it.  While grocery shopping, we were looking for some cod, mahi mahi, or halibut to have for dinner one night this week.  Do you think we could find any (frozen) that didn’t contain STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate)?  The fresh fish we saw was going for about $12/lb.  Given the choice between a piece of fish or a nice cut of steak, pricewise, I’ll be going for the steak and probably eating half as much.  We’re going label reading at Costco and Sam’s Club on Monday.  While at Whole Foods, we got a bottle of kombucha to split 3 ways.  Never tried it before, and it wasn’t bad!  Talked to a nice lady who really knew a lot about the “Booch”, as people in the know call it.  All things considered, the booch is a lot more mild than Bragg’s ACV and water, and it isn’t ‘horrible’ as I have heard several times.  Next time I see some Bragg’s ACV drinks, I’ll give those a try.  As far as kombucha goes, though, I am no longer afraid of the booch!  And for that, I would like to give a shout out to GT’s Kombucha.  I tried the Enlightened Original one.

6:30 PM.  Chicken breast with a scoop of chili.  Got lectured by my better half for not having any veggies with my protein.  My bad.  Had a nice glass of iced white tea with it.

The whole “I Just Want A Nap” thing hasn’t really got me.  Winter time, daylight savings time, and dark at 4:45 kicks my ass more than the change in diet!

9:30 PM.  Off to bed.

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  2. Pingback: #whole30 observations | funwithrickandjane

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