Whole30 Observations Day 5

Day 5.  January 8 , 2016.  “Kill All Things” pt.2

4:15 AM.  Awoke with the alarm.  Up and at ’em!  2 cups of black coffee.

Kill All Things:  Still no anger or grumpiness.  As far as I know… I guess I am at one with my decision to do the whole30 thang.  Gettin’ my whole30 Zen on!

5:45 AM. 3 egg cups, half an avocado, and veggie hash.  Still diggin’ this breakfast.  Might get on over to Whole Foods (or, as some like to call it, Whole Paycheck) and grab up some compliant bacon this weekend.  Brewed up a huge green jasmine tea for the ride in.


10:45 AM.  Trail mix snack is flowing into lunch.  Green salad with chicken breast and avocado.   For once I was not thinking about food, or my stomach wasn’t growling or anything like that leading up to this meal.  Might have the breakfast dialed in!

1:00 PM.  Have to run some work errands.  Got my carrots and celery to gnaw on while I’m between stops.  I really need to work my way from south to north, pronto!  Again I’m in Las Vegas, and this week is the start of CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  Lots and lots of people here.

3:30 PM.  Home.  Time for a double shot of espresso plain and my – you guessed it! – apples.  OK, so I’m reading the Whole30 book, and my new besties Melissa and Dallas Hartwig are talking about restrictions and substitutions and breaking habits etc. etc. etc..  Anyway, my after work coffee: I’m trying to figure out if this is a bad behavior or not.  Please don’t let this be bad!

5:30 PM.  Dinner. Beef kabobs and chicken kebabs (see what I did there? Kabobs and Kebabs?) with chimichurri sauce, and a side of cauliflower rice.  Another  hit.  Cauliflower is one of a few veggies that I really don’t like once it’s cooked.  Raw I can deal with, like Crudites.  But you know what? It was pretty darn tasty.  Meaning it was a lot more mild than I thought it would be.  I ended up putting the Cholula away.  We are eating so well!

Kill All Things:  I killed my dinner, that’s for sure!  Still feeling good and positive and showing, as far as I know, no signs of anger.  Some may beg to differ, though.

9:00 PM.  Bed.  Up early again tomorrow.  Day off but kid has to be at work at 6:30 AM.  Thanks, man…

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