Whole30 Observations Day 4

Day 4.  January 7, 2016.  “Kill All Things” pt.1

4:00 AM. Woke up with Moggy, our gray domestic short hair sort of tiger- looking alley cat, wanting attention by digging a claw into my cheek bone.  Relocated cat to a more agreeable location and just laid around for a minute.  Turned off the alarm before it went off and moseyed up the hall to put the coffee on.  Noticed that my normal morning slow-motion and slight to moderate to sometimes heavy stiffness was a lot less prevalent this morning.

Kill All Things:  Nope, feeling fine!

4:15 AM.  1 and 1/2 cups of black coffee.

4:45 AM.  2 devilled egg halves made with home made avocado oil, which is pretty darn tasty! 2 egg and veggie cups, half an avocado, and potato and veggie hash, as it shall be known from now on.  Hopefully I’m getting the protein and volume of food dialed in so I don’t come to a screeching halt later in the morning and go digging for food.  We’ll see… Made a giant travel mug of green jasmine tea with a bit of lemon thrown in.

10:45 AM. Lunch.  Holding out a little better from breakfast, so I didn’t go crazy and go for my snack at 9:00.  Green salad with avocado, home made dressing, and compliant lunch meat – roast beef.  Roast beef isn’t hitting the spot.  Tastes kinda funny, like it’s missing a whole host of ingredients that end in -ate and -ite.   Just kidding.  I don’t think we’ll be buying this stuff again, but we’ll definitely roast our own if we want roast beef in the future.

Kill All Things:  Nope, still OK!

1:30 PM.  Killing the carrots and celery again, and grabbing up some trail mix.

Kill All Things:  I’m not mad, but decided to “fire”, for lack of a better term, my roof truss company and my structural engineering firm this afternoon.  One of my mini-mantras is: “I’m not going to beg you to take my money!”  I give you the job, you do the job, and you get paid for it.  Simple concept, really.  Do your job!  Another one of my mini-mantras is (and I love it when they say this in the wise-guy movies.  Vegas, baby!):  “It’s nothing personal.  It’s strictly business.”

4:00 PM.  Enjoying my apples on the drive home.  No road rage.  I’m chill.

4:30 PM.  Did another double shot of espresso with steamed almond milk.  Yesterday I called it a latte, today I shall call it a cappuccino since I used less milk.  Barista accuracy is important.

6:00 PM.  I’m losing my mind due to hunger, but I still do not want to Kill All Things.  But I did kill the leftover roast beef (2 slices), 1 small red potato, half a carrot and 4 celery halves.  Dinner is in the oven and the freakin’ mutant red potatoes won’t finish cooking!  Stoopid spudz!  Just need a little something to tide me over.

7:15 PM.  Dinner.  Finally.  Roasted lemon marinated chicken breast on the bone, garden fresh green beans and mutant red potatoes.  Another hit!  I made hot white tea for my dinner drink, tea bag had a blowout on the cup, and had to transfer everything to a Teavana brewing cup so I could filter it back into my drinking cup.  Minor setback, but I still didn’t want to Kill All Things.

9:00 PM.  Bed.


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3 thoughts on “Whole30 Observations Day 4

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