Whole30 Observations Day 2

Day 2.  January 5, 2016 “The Hangover” pt.1

4:15 AM.  Wake up with a headache.  Really?  After just 1 day?  2 Cups of black coffee.  And aspirin.  No problem.

5:45 AM. 2 egg cups with veggies, Jane made some diced potatoes with veggies to go with them.  Big cup of white tea to go.  If you haven’t tried white tea, do.  It’s really good.  OK, dear reader, I’m going to do some shameless product promotion here:  Soda Stream.  You need this.  Brew white tea, let it get cold in the fridge, carbonate it and serve over crushed ice with a lemon slice.  You’re welcome.

9:00 AM.  Extra potatoes helped a bit, but it’s time to hit the lunchbox for some trail mix.

11:00 AM.  Lunch.  Salad.  Same as yesterday.  Don’t worry, I like it.  Seriously.  Mix it up how you want.  I’ll probably throw some leftovers in for lunch here and there, but I will typically go for a salad for lunch every day.

1:00 PM.  Errands.  Got my driving snacks with me.  Carrots and celery.  Again, I like this stuff and can eat it every day.

2:30 PM.  Finished at the County Building Department, last order of business for the day.  Yay!  It’s raining, so I decide to drive north on Decatur (I’m in Las Vegas) to get home.  You name it, I drove past it to get home.  “When I’m done with this Whole30, I’m so going to eat at (fill in the blank)”.  No kidding, every fast food and other kind of restaurant you can imagine was on my drive home.  3 minutes.  I reach behind my seat, into my lunch box, and APPLES!  I also noticed that I didn’t “hit the wall” at 2:00 today.  Fingers crossed this continues…

5:30 PM.  Didn’t have the munchies when I got home.  Cool.  Dinner was chili over a baked potato.  Chili could have used some beans, a pile of cheese and some sour cream on top. Just kidding.  Although that’s what I thought immediately when we sat down to eat.  2 bites into it, that thought was gone!  I’m full.

8:30 PM.  Bed.  Adjusted once.  Sleep.

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  2. Pingback: #whole30 observations | funwithrickandjane

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